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Hertz thinks the turnaround is near!

Red Corvette

Red Corvette

Did you hear the news? Hertz just ordered 16,000 new cars in anticipation of increased business. They are planning for the increase in business we are all looking for! This is the time to make sure your organization is ready for the pent up demand for travel! This includes staffing, training and marketing! Now is the time to make sure your website has the information potential guests are looking for, build your social networking sites, develop your blog and press releases.

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Hopefully expanding our marketing with a link to Technorati! So we need to show this code on our front page.

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When is it time to outsource?

Yesterday I attended a webinar on SEO on a small budget. Very helpful information, but one of the best items I came away with was the question – “when it is time to outsource?” This is something that we have all faced in our professional lives, a time when we saw a need area as well as  faced the question of how it will get done. This is the time to look at outsourcing! When you have a need area, want results and don’t have the personal resources and perhaps the expertise to get the project done. Very simple solution! Look to an expert in the field for outsourcing.

Calling all Hotels and Resorts to BLOG!

I go on so many websites of hotels & resorts and so often find a missing element – the blog! It is so easy to add this to your site these days and actually a lot of fun to update. Great place to have room promotions, but even better for those messages you may not want to spend a lot of money promoting. Notes from the Chef, what’s cooking at the restaurant tonight or the special cocktail of the moment. This is an extremely inexpensive way to reach out to new customers! Don’t be left behind in the Web 2.0 world!

Help for Your Social Media Marketing!

The Lane Group Announces New Web 2.0 Tool!
 Hotel eScribe 

Web 2.0 Marketing Solutions for Hoteliers

Washington, DC – June 22, 2009The Lane Group announces Hotel eScribe a new service for resorts and hotels to maintain their 2.0 Web presence and connect with current and potential customers, building revenues!
We all know hotels, resorts and destinations need to reach out to current and potential customers, as well as maintain a presence on the web but who has time to do it?  Who can keep up with the technology?  Who is going to write and post the blog, maintain and update the property’s calendar – let alone monitor your on-line reputation and respond to postings and photos? Hotel eScribe, the new service from The Lane Group, lets you decode the digital world and promote your property constantly and consistently.
The Lane Group can handle this for you with our Hotel eScribe service!
o  Blogs – We develop, write and post information, announcements, area news and more. Another way to boost those Google rankings!
Social Media – We keep those Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages up to date! 
o  Website Content – We keep it vital, keep it fresh, keep it relevant!
o  Calendars – We update your property’s website calendars so guests have all the latest information about the hotels and resorts, giving them more reasons to come to your property and spend money!
o  On-line Reputation – We monitor your on-line reputation on major user-generated content sites and post responses to all reviews – both positive and negative. This can help your Google Analytics value as well increase reservations!
Leave the on-line digital dynamics to us! We provide the human factor to effectively use the technologies. Each month we will take care of all these areas of need for you – and keep your property both relevant and up to date in the 2.0 world! Hotel eScribe service starts for as little as $500 per month.  Leave the 2.0 world to us!

Today’s luxury!

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Naples, Florida to visit family. When making our hotel reservations I searched the various rates, which were dramatically low. I choose a hotel we had stayed at before, the Trianon near Bonita Springs. It is a mid size independent hotel. It was very tempting to take up the offer of an extremely low rate at the Ritz Carlton Naples, but just didn’t think we would have the time to really take advantage of all the Ritz had to offer on this trip. And I made the right decision, as the Trianon could not have been nicer. The property itself is about 10 years old, and yes the rooms could use some updating, but once again friendly and competent staff made the difference. The hotel’s decor is somewhat French, befitting of the name, but not overly stiff! The lobby area is very comfortable but with all the amenities a traveler needs – business center to print that boarding pass, morning continental breakfast which you can serve yourself and even take it outside by the pool, bar area with flat panel  TV’s showing news and weather.

Since we had stayed at the Trianon they had added a restaurant, an outdoor “Boat House”. Basically a bar with a few tables, overlooking a man-made lake and serving a limited but delicious menu. Very simple but excellent. Once again, great staff and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In today’s economic climate, this is the new luxury – lovely surroundings, but not over the top, outlets to meet the food & beverage needs of the guests and an accommodating staff. Kudos to the Trianon! The fact they had added this restaurant definitely increased the amount of money we spent at the hotel!

For those guests looking for more dining options, all they have to do is walk across the parking lot to a beautiful, but currently under used shopping center, offering 3-4 great dining options.

The Lane Group Announces New Marketing Analysis Tool!

Don’t let your marketing investments go to waste.

Get a second opinion on your marketing investment.

Washington, DC – June 11, 2009 – The Lane Group announces today a new program for  resorts and hotels to analyze their marketing investments through a new tool, Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Too many times hotels and resort start marketing campaigns and then abruptly end or change plans dramatically without thought of the investment they have already made.

In today’s economic climate, planning and analysis by a hotel property is essential prior to spending precious marketing dollars. Whether the property is an independent or part of a large brand, franchised or company managed, a third party analysis of expenditures is invaluable and can actually save money! Is your marketing team up to date about social marketing, pay per click campaigns, email applications and simple ad schedules and promotional opportunities? Have you considered special weekend and events that can pull in new groups of customers you have not reached yet? Are you taking advantage of today’s trend for regional, rather than long-distance travel by potential customers?

The Lane Group is now offering a two day marketing analysis, “Return on Marketing Investments.” Are you getting the results you are paying for? Similar to a sales audit, The Lane Group team looks at all aspects of your marketing efforts.

A sample of topics include the following:

  • Positioning – Is your property positioned correctly? What makes your property stand out in the crowd? What is your message?
  • Competition – What distinguishes your property? What edge do you have  over your competition and what edge do they have over your property?
  • Ecommerce – is your website enticing? Does it represent your property well? Are you positioned correctly with the on-line travel agencies and third parties? Are visitors to your website finding what they need and      completing a reservation? If not, why and what can you do about it?
  • Food & Beverage – There are alternatives to closed outlets!
  • Loyalty clubs – Are you using all your resources
  • Email Marketing – Are you giving your subscribers the information they  are looking for, or just clogging their in-boxes?
  • Trade Shows – Is your property at the right shows which will give you business? What is your message at these shows?

Each “ROMI” is customized to fit the needs and situations of the property or management company. The Lane Group has successfully worked with major national brands as well as independent hotels by creating money saving effective marketing strategies and tactics.

Since 1994 The Lane Group has been providing innovative and successful marketing consulting to hotels, resorts, spas and golf clubs throughout North America. From an individual project to an on-going campaign, The Lane Group offers the industry expertise to provide successful marketing initiatives, eMarketing solutions, public relations and event management. We work with your team or provide the team to help. Let us help you meet today’s challenges! For more information, please call Marjorie Lane, Founder & President of the Lane Group at 301-340-1700 or email at Follow the Lane Group on twitter!

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