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The Watergate Hotel – a Marketer’s Dream!

Branding is everything and what a brand! In the late 1990’s when I was the marketing consultant for The Watergate Hotel, a report was published about the top 30 best known brands in the world. These are the types of brands known from main street USA, to Kenya to Hong Kong and beyond. The likes of Pepsi, Coke, Nike and Michael Jordan were in the top 10 but so was The Watergate Hotel.

Often when marketing a hotel a lot of time and money is spent on getting your name out in the market, as well as your location. There are now many Waldorf Astoria and Plaza hotels, but there is only one Watergate Hotel and everyone knows where it is located.

Even the “gate” has a brand of its own! Apply that to a name or incident and it becomes famous. The Watergate Hotel is famous, for scandal, stories and service! Although the burglary actually happened in the adjoining office building, The Watergate Hotel is the place everyone identifies with the event. Politicians, heads of states, artists and actors have all enjoyed the luxury The Watergate Hotel offered

Reading The Washington Post today there are reports of bids going well above the $40 million Monument Realty paid for the property. On top of this investment the building needs major renovation including infrastructure expenditures before design can begin. But what an opportunity to own not only a piece of history, but a unique part of the world.

 As a marketing consultant it is a rare opportunity to work with this type of brand recognition, as well as a hotel with 13 Presidential Suites, all with grand pianos, and 13 Ambassador suites, just slightly smaller than the Presidentals! When touring prospective clients, people were amazed at not only the size of the rooms and suites, but the incredible views. I don’t think even the President of the United States has an office with the view I had from my office at The Watergate Hotel.

The Watergate Hotel was always known for wonderful service, dedicated employees and a quiet elegance reserved for grand hotels. This is what needs to be returned to the hotel and the residents of the Watergate complex. This is an opportunity which is once in a life time event.


Ms. Lane is founder and President of The Lane Group, which since 1994 has been providing innovative and successful marketing consulting to hotels, resorts, spas and golf clubs throughout North America.

Marjorie Lane, Founder and President, began The Lane Group in 1994 after a successful career in Hospitality Sales & Marketing and International Tourism. Ms. Lane’s senior management experience includes Omni Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, Meridien Hotels and Resort, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, The Watergate Hotel and Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts. Ms. Lane is a graduate of Tufts University and a long-time member of Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.Ms. Lane is a past president of the Potomac Chapter of Meeting Professionals International.

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Conquering the Fear Factor of Social Networking!

A Ten Step Program for Your Business!

  1. You can’t break it! With any online application, the best way to get comfortable  is to actually use it! Set up a practice account, post some content on it, ask your friends to see it and comment.
  2. Start slowly! Set up one or two accounts and start to produce some content and build followers, friends and subscribers
  3. Build your confidence. As you become more comfortable with a site, venture out to look into other sites and methods of distributing your message.
  4. Become a Web Sleuth! See what other sites, especially competitors are doing and how they are using social networking.
  5. Investigate other industries – Find similar industries, consumer or business oriented, and see how they are using social networking.
  6. Sign up for Webinars – Many companies and organizations offer complimentary webinars to showcase their products or services, and are happy to have you participate in the webinar.
  7. Learn the terms – Every few years certain techno or business “buzz words” become popular. Take the time to learn a few of the terms so you can both use them intelligently as well as understand them when others use them in conversation and proposals.
  8. Build a test group – Focus groups are relied upon as valuable marketing tools. This holds true for social networking as well. Hand select a few key customers to be part of the test group for your social networking. Asking for your customer’s opinion is always a great way to learn and build customer loyalty.
  9. Release your inner author – This is where you get to try your hand at writing!
  10. Build a team of “reporters” – Deputize team members to help develop ideas for postings, emails, additions to your “wall” (one of those new buzz words!). A great way to empower your team without spending a dime!

The Lane Group specializes in helping clients establish themselves in the Web 2.0 world, as well as develop and write content for all social networking and emarketing campaigns. Consistency and continuity are key elements to the successful use of the web, as well as extending your brand. For more information, please contact Marjorie Lane at 301-340-1700 or via email: Please visit our website,