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Email Marketing – Back to Basics!

Planning for 2010 or just trying to upgrade your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Five Simple Ideas for Improved Email Marketing!

November 2009 – Whether you are putting together plans for 2010 or just want to re-invent your current email marketing campaigns, it is time once again to revisit the basics! While doing some reading in a different vertical from hospitality and travel, a few new ideas emerged!
1. Change it up! Have the holiday food & beverage offerings come from the chef, area events and attractions for the concierge, golf information from the pro. You get the idea!
2. Do have it come from a real person! So often I receive emails from a number or “info@”. Not only is this not interesting to the audience, but those emails can quickly be pushed into spam categories by filters.
3. Vary the length ! – Not all promotions have to fill a page. Short emails with timely and actionable information can quickly grab the attention of the recipient.
4. Uses the links! Again I get emails promoting special events or rates, and then when I click on the promotion often they go nowhere or go to a static, non-related web site page. This will quickly frustrate your audience and not produce any tangible results.
5. Use photos wisely! Not too big that they fill the viewing page and leave no room for your message. Not too small so you can’t see them. And have them related to the subject. I love when I get an email promotion about a spa or golf course, and they show a picture of a guest room or dining experience. It sounds so simple, but it actually happens!
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