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So Who Is Your Social Media Manager?

Yes that is what many industry experts are referring to the person who handles a property’s digital world! A recent description of the position, as written by HVS included:

Wanted: Person to be part of our marketing team and facilitate ongoing conversation with online customers, bloggers, friends and foes, and influencers. Be the online eyes and ears of our brand and blog, digg, tweet and bleep. Monitor online chatter and create new content to boost our reputation and site traffic. Define content, develop messaging, send 140-character messages, respond to posts, produce snappy web videos, blogs and other technologies. Must be storyteller at heart and know when to step-up the conversation and steer it constructively. Know your way around online and be proactive at trying new tools. Project the voice of our hotel with genuine sincerity and authenticity.

 Yes, you have the need – but does your marketing budget allow for another full time position? If not, consider outsourcing this position! In many ways, a person not bogged down by the day to day needs of a property’s sales & marketing department can work more effectively and concentrate on their main purpose – communicating with current and potential customers!

 The Outsourcing Option – With “time poverty” voted one of the top five obstacles to Directors of Sales & Marketing in a recent HSMAI survey, how do we expect all this to get done with the same resources.

The five keys to a successful outsourcing relationship are: 

  1. Knowledge of today’s technologies as well as what is on the horizon
  2. Writing Ability! Engaging content is essential to effective communication!
  3. Consistency – there is nothing worse than an old blog, a dormant social media page or an out of date web site events page!
  4. Integration – your messages need to be part of an overall strategy to include sales & marketing, revenue management, food & beverage as well as other areas such as golf, spa, and retail outlets.
  5. Product knowledge – the hospitality and travel industry is unique. Industry knowledge can put your property on the fast track to results oriented social media

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Ready, Set, Go – it is 2010!

It is time to put 2009 behind us and to kick-off 2010!

Here is a simple FIVE step plan!

  1. Put your marketing plan in place – no time to delay! 
  2. Start as you mean to continue – do you need to re-evaluate any of your plans since you wrote them last fall?
  3. Your staff is ready, right? – is the staff in place and ready to go? If not, hire or re-deploy immediately. Now is a great time to get a project oriented consultant on your team.
  4. Don’t let your competition define you! Have you reduced rates, services and amenities to meet competition traditionally offering less? Is this the way you want your customers to think of your property. Now is the time to think creatively! How can you offer our customers value-added services and events without negatively impacting our bottom line.
  5. Marketing Partners are essential! Web site, email marketing, advertising, social marketing, public relations providers are essential to the success of any marketing initiative. If they aren’t in place you are already behind the eight ball!


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