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Online Merchandising Best Practices – I couldn’t have said it better myself!

This week I read an article, Online Merchandising: Best Practices for Marketing & Merchandising Your Hotel, written by Paolo Boni, President and Chief Executive Officer, VFM Leonardo, Inc. and I couldn’t have agreed more! Sometimes our industry is hesitant to accept new trends and technologies, but there is no longer an option of do we or don’t we embrace social media. Unless you want to stay in the “buggy whip” business, there is only one question – how fast can we get moving on our social media presence and relationships!

A few take-aways I found:

1. Commit to Social Media – it’s not just a fad. It is a new way to communicate and it’s not going away. It is quickly replacing email for many people!

2. Publish, Publish, Publish – keep adding to the social media sites with good content. There is no such thing as down time in social media.

3. Keep your content short and concise – and also interesting and up to date! How many times do I go on websites for hotels and resorts and their content is either not updated or totally out of date. I don’t want to know what was happening at your property last month and before. I want to plan my next visit! I need to know what is upcoming!

4. My favorite – HIRE PROFESSIONALS TO PRODUCE CONTENT! This includes photography and video, as well as the all-powerful written word! 

5. And in conclusion – to succeed, hoteliers must focus on their eMarketing business strategies. This is true for independent and branded properties!

Hospitality Math 101 – The Power of Partnership

 Washington, DC & Stamford, CT – March 24, 2010 – Marjorie Lane, Founder and President of The Lane Marketing Group and Laura Osborne, EVP – Strategic Development for Intelligent Hotels today announced their Power of Partnership, bringing both Revenue Management and Marketing Expertise together to create “Hospitality Math 101”.  Hospitality Math 101 combines strategic positioning, strategic pricing and strategic communication to produce increased revenue and bottom line profits for their clients. Intelligent Hotels and the Lane Marketing Group, both experts in their fields have teamed together to make it easier than ever to develop and implement the actions needed to increase the bottom lines of hotel and resort properties.

“Recently hotels and resorts have been focused on revenue management as a tool to drive occupancy, primarily through internet distribution channels. At the same time, Marketing departments have been building client loyalty through email marketing, social media, etc. Rather than working independently, in order to fully optimize these two disciplines they need to be working together. That is exactly what our collaborative actions will achieve,” according to Lane. “An example is for the revenue management team to focus on increasing rate and occupancy during specific dates. The marketing department takes this information and targets specific current and potential customers to drive occupancy and increase rate, as well as taking into consideration ancillary revenue for food & beverage, spa, golf, etc. Properties need to move beyond just discounting room rates in hopes to drive room revenue alone, at the expense of attracting customers who will use all property facilities, thus increasing profits and revenues. Attracting customers at a low rate who aren’t inclined to use a property’s collection of services and facilities actually negatively impacts revenue and profits” added Osborne.

“Working together we can bring our areas of expertise to our customers creating a seamless and effective approach to both revenue management and marketing. Today’s business environment demands that both programs work together like a well oiled machine.” Osborne commented. “Pricing and Marketing strategies need to work in tandem and be communicated to engage current and potential guests” according to Lane.

 The two consulting firms offer a complete set of tools to produce the desired profits for their clients. The tools include auditing current performance, developing pricing and marketing strategies, uncovering additional revenue opportunities, working directly with on-site stakeholders, and tracking results of all revenue related programs. 

 Intelligent Hotels brings over 25 years of cutting edge, results driven expertise to the design and implementation of revenue growth programs, enabling hotels to maximize profits through savvy revenue management. Founder Jeffrey Osborne brings together worldwide experience and a stellar track record of results to Intelligent Hotels, having developed programs for Disneyland Paris Resort, TravelCLICK, and Loews Hotels etc.  Since it’s inception in 1999 Intelligent Hotels has leveraged relationships with; owners, independents, brands asset managers, and operators successfully guided each client to recognize new revenue streams, energize and capitalize on existing sources of business which have provided returns far and above each hotel’s local market.  

Since 1994 The Lane Marketing Group has been providing innovative and successful marketing consulting to hotels, resorts, spas and golf clubs throughout North America. From an individual project to an on-going campaign, The Lane Group offers the industry expertise to provide successful marketing initiatives, branding strategy, Emarketing solutions, social networking, public relations and event management.

Top Ten Questions to Ask When Planning an Email Marketing Campaign!

A recent inquiry got my mind quickly working! Here are the results:

Planning an Email Marketing Campaign? Here are a few things to consider insuring success!

  1. What are the goals of the campaign – what are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. What are you promoting?
  4. What is your time frame?
  5. How strong is your list? Or do you need to build it first?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. What application are you going to use to deploy your campaigns?
  8. Do you have existing art work/templates or should that be part of your budget?
  9. Do you have the necessary landing web pages and social media links built and  ready for to use?
  10. How are you going to track your results? What constitutes success?

 The Lane Marketing Group has developed successful email marketing campaigns for branded and independent hotels, restaurants and software companies. Call us to help with your project!

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