Monthly Archives: April 2010

“Don’t be Fooled!” A great progam presented by Washington Women in Public Relations.

A few notes from the program, distilled down and easy to understand and put into practice!

On Branding:

  1. Your Brand is your DNA – everything you do affects your brand!
  2. Who is in charge of your brand? It isn’t just up to the marketing department. Your brand must be practiced by everyone in the organization!

 On Agencies

  1. Bigger isn’t always better! So you go to the big firm, but get the most junior account executive on your account. Is this what you are paying the big dollars for?
  2. Celebrities and PR campaigns – they aren’t all divas! There are many who are passionate about the cause. Those are the ones you want to be working with!

On Events and Campaigns:

  1. Don’t be afraid to deliver bad news! Better to know where you stand before you move forward
  2. Involve the influencers early on the campaign, or you could be going down the wrong road!

On Business Advice:

  1. Stay committed to what you say! Stick to your values!
  2. Board of Directors – the ideal candidate is a lot more than “influence and affluence”! Look for wisdom, common sense and integrity
  3. Know the difference between legal and ethical