Monthly Archives: June 2010

It is all about going Mobile!

  • Hopefully we have now¬† incorporated email and social networking into our every day lives and also how we connect with our customers. The next step is mobile marketing – for a variety of reasons! First of all smart phones are everywheres! And the traditional email and web site formats generally don’t appear as attractive and inviting on these devices. The links have to be shorter, the sites need to show up on a smaller screen than one’s laptop, the need to engage the customer where ever and when ever is now a true concern, and opportunity! Secondly it is great way to connect with your customers! Talk about target marketing! Hotels & resorts should be embracing this technology right away. Imagine the chance to immediately let your resort guests know about available services in the spa, or tee times which just opened up! That is only one use of todays’ mobile marketing. It is all about continuing to build customer loyalty as well as building revenues!

    And its not just for properties – perfect for destinations as well. A great way to market the “total destination” to groups and individuals and help your members generate new business as well.

    Meeting planners are not to be left out either. Being able to alert conference attendees of changes in schedules, opportunities for additional seminars, backgrounds on speakers and more – all delivered to their smart phones. Talk about going green!

    Consequently The Lane Marketing Group is now offering Mobile Marketing Services to our clients using the Movitas solution. And it is amazingly affordable. Contact us to find out more!