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Top Marketing Items for your 2011 Marketing Plan – Five Steps to Marketing Plan Success!

August may be prime beach time for many, but for the hospitality industry it means Marketing Plan time! Marjorie Lane, Founder and President of The Lane Marketing Group presents a simple list of 5 steps to Marketing Plan success! 
1. Email Marketing – still very effective and so trackable! Plan your campaigns. Build a calendar and start to create content. You can always update it as needed. And remember to keep gathering email addresses!
2. Mobile Marketing – Smart phones are everywhere! Your traditional web site and email messages don’t look good on smart phones. Not only is it an easy fix to have your message look professional, but mobile marketing is a revenue source, and so cost effective.
3. Social Media – by now most of us and our customers have realized social media is here to stay. But it you don’t post anything or only do so occasionally it isn’t worth it! Time to build the social media committee at your property and start to develop content on a regular basis. Remember this is a conversation and not an advertisement!
4. Online Reputation – there are more and more sites scruitinzing hotels, travel, airlines, restaurants and more. You can’t ignore them any longer. Services to gather your property’s reviews and alert you of postings are easy to use and so affordable. One bad review can cost you more than an annual reporting subscription.

5. Special Events – as we enter 2011 we are all looking for increased business levels. Business travel is greatly influenced by market demand. Leisure business needs a boost. Time to partner with area events or create your own and stand out from your competition.

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