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Notes from the webinar – The Evolution of e-Marketing Trends – A Travel Marketer’s Guide to 2011

This week I participated in this TIG Global webinar and there were some good take away notes. Basically nothing startling but definitely a reaffirmation of the existing trends!

2010 – Review of Results

  • Facebook – monumental growth!
  • Twitter – new two column format and promoted tweets (tweet speak for paid advertising!)
  • Geosocial – location based social networking like Foursquare, Gowalla and now Facebook places. It grew in 2010 but will be everywheres in 2011!
  • Groupon – an expensive way to promote and now there are lots of copy cats!
  • International – don’t forget to incorporate into your social networking strategy!

2011 – what is on the horizon! The year of evolution where the 2010 trends will just continue to dominate.

  • Geosocial – 2011 will be the year of rapid adoption by both customers and businesses, by blending location, social networking and e-commerce.
  • Group Buying – the big fish gobbling up the new or smaller fish.             Keep an eye on Amazon!
  • Facebook Commerce – it is easier than ever to incorporate your           booking engine into your Facebook page. Some examples are JC            Penney, Delta and the Harvest Inn. Also there are “apps” to add to your Facebook page to create your own “daily deals”.
  • Social Search –   building your community! Social Media is becoming a key SEO component.
  • Mobile Marketing – big in 2011!

Really if you keep these items in your emarketing plans you will be ahead of the curve, and your competition.


Presidential Speak

While driving today and listening to the Kojo Nnamdi show on AMU radio (NPR) I learned that it was Thomas Jefferson who first coined the phrase ” Public Relations”. Who knew! Thanks you Mr. Jefferson!

The Power of a Press Release

Last week I wrote a press release about my client, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream of Gaithersburg and the fact they were making a special ice cream for the big football game. The flavor, “Black and Gold” was simply vanilla tinted with gold and then laced with lots of chocolate flakes – really big yummy flakes! Obviously the timing was crucial and the fact that there are a lot of transplanted Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans in the great Washington, DC area didn’t hurt either. Then to add to the story, was the fact that the shop’s owner, Bob Fischer is a huge Steelers fan and has fond memories of watching the Superbowl two years ago with his Dad, who has since passed away. And one of his favorite flavors was Bruster’s Double Chocolate Chip – once again, large chocolate flakes this time in Chocolate Ice Cream.

Anyway we put the release out there to our regional list, happy that we got some immediate pick-up by the very local reporters – both print and on-line. Reporters, photographers toured the shop, sampled the ice cream and interviewed Bob Fischer. Then we got the news that the local NBC affiliate wanted to visit on Superbowl Sunday! One more dog and pony show and well worth it. Later that day Bruster’s Real Ice Cream of Gaithersburg was featured on the Sunday evening local news at 6:10pm. Great story and great video. We had never been able to reach that level of coverage before.

For a small ice cream business to use network TV advertising just doesn’t make financial sense. To get on the show with a story is worth thousands in advertising, let the message out to more potential customers.

So often owners say they can’t “afford” public relations campaigns. In reality, they can’t afford not to hire a professional with a proven track record. For a few days worth of work, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream of Gaithersburg received well over $20,000 worth of advertising. Now that is a good return on your investment! 

A waffle cone of "Black & Gold" ice cream

Inspired by Huffington Post

OK it has been a while since I visited my blog let along anyone else. Time to get up to speed again – just as I tell my clients! Today’s news of AOL buying the Huffington Post for $350 million definitely inspired me today! Blog on!