Don’t Forget the Obvious in Email Marketing

Just this week we sent out an email campaign on behalf of one of our clients and had great success! In fact, it has been the most successful email marketing campaign we ever produced, primarily due to two main reasons:

1. We sent to a very target list! The client had sent out an initial email to a broad list, and had received very good results. The open rate was between 18-20%. Very respectable. We then a follow-up email to the “opens” which where close to 7, 000

2. Relavent Content! All of those people who had opened the initial email were interested in what the next email told them. We were giving them pertinent and relavent information about an event that they where interested in learning more about. The follow-up email was chock full of easily read content, as well as links to all aspects of the event they would need to make there decision to attend. Our open rate was an all time high of 58.9%!

Interested in improving your email marketing results? Please contact us at The Lane Marketing Group, 301-340-1700 or


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