Monthly Archives: January 2017

Branding – Power from the Grassroots Up!

Just a few thoughts on the power of branding!

Whatever your politics may be, this past weekend we saw the power of branding, from the grassroots up! The pink hat, whether knit, sewed or a pink baseball cap, was incredibly visible during the Women’s Marches world wide. Such a simple idea, easily embraced by participants, was a game changer to these events and consequently to the movement.

When looking at the pictures and videos of the events, the sea of pink was ubiquitous and proved the importance of creating and promoting a brand, for an enterprise, organization or event.

In the Women’s March, the branding pink hat created an instant recognition and camaraderie, as well as a sense of belonging. This is exactly what you want for your brand! Instant recognition.

Obviously the pink hat proves that it doesn’t have to expense to create a powerful brand! The use of color through out this campaign was the common theme. Being consistent and conscious of the use of logos, color, tag lines, key words, web sites, social media and more inexpensive methods to build a powerful brand.

We’ll keeping looking for more ideas on branding, marketing and more and share!