About the Lane Marketing Group

Since 1994 The Lane Marketing Group has been providing innovative and successful marketing consulting to hotels, resorts, spas and golf clubs throughout North America. From an individual project to an on-going campaign, The Lane Group offers the industry expertise to provide successful marketing initiatives, emarketing solutions, public relations and event management. We work with your team or provide the team to help. Let us help you meet today’s challenges.

We aren’t the largest by a long shot, but we have a dedicated team to help you and your property in today’s tough economic climate. Call or email today. Our ROMI product, “Return On Marketing Investment” tool may be just what you  needed – a second opinion on your marketing investment. Are you on the right track? Are you spending those precious marketing dollars correctly? Our ROMI analysis includes positioning, competition, eCommerce needs, Food & Beverage marketing, trade shows and more. We customize it to fit the needs of your property. Call Marjorie Lane at 301-340-1700 or via email at hotelmarketer@aol.com to learn more.


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