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10 Easy Steps to Take Charge of Your On-Line Reputation!

So often I hear one of two stories. Either hoteliers are actually scared about their on-line reputation or they think they have it under control because they check TripAdvisor. There is so much more to both situations!

Monitoring and Managing your on-line reputation is not as difficult as it was initially. Actually with a new awareness of social media and the importance of user generated content and reviews, as well as some simple applications it is easier than ever to take charge of the situation! Here are some simple tips:

  1. Formalize the process! Set up a committee and pick a leader!
  2. Set goals – what are we trying to achieve here? Increase reviews? Increase rankings? Be specific.
  3. Schedule! Who’s going to actually handle the day to day tasks? Make this a seven day a week schedule and write it down.
  4. Get the buy-in from the Executive Committee and/or your corporate office. These reviews can directly affect individual reservations and group bookings, so everyone has a stake in the game.
  5. Respond to all reviews! Good, bad or neutral. Remember, the idea here is to build an engaging reputation as well as attract new and repeat customers. This also helps your Google rankings!
  6. Encourage guests to write reviews. TripAdvisor will even provide the sign-up cards! Create Advocates!
  7. Use the free stuff – there are lots of easy on-line tools, such as Google Analytics, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.
  8. Incorporate your social media. Tell guests about your Twitter and Facebook pages and ask them to participate. This way as they post about your property you have a real-time situation to welcome them, address any concerns and also tell them more about your property as well as events and specials. “Do you need a reservation for dinner tonight?”
  9. Optimize all your sites – make sure pictures and descriptions are up to date.
  10. Consider using an on-line reputation management tool – they are easy to use and very cost effective. It only takes one bad review to lose many potential reservations and revenue

The Lane Marketing Group has years of experience with On-Line Reputation Management for all different sizes of properties. Call or email us about setting up a program for you and your properties. From a basic audit, to building a strategy and monitoring a program, we have the level of service you need to be successful and be in control of your on-line reputation!