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Branding – Power from the Grassroots Up!

Just a few thoughts on the power of branding!

Whatever your politics may be, this past weekend we saw the power of branding, from the grassroots up! The pink hat, whether knit, sewed or a pink baseball cap, was incredibly visible during the Women’s Marches world wide. Such a simple idea, easily embraced by participants, was a game changer to these events and consequently to the movement.

When looking at the pictures and videos of the events, the sea of pink was ubiquitous and proved the importance of creating and promoting a brand, for an enterprise, organization or event.

In the Women’s March, the branding pink hat created an instant recognition and camaraderie, as well as a sense of belonging. This is exactly what you want for your brand! Instant recognition.

Obviously the pink hat proves that it doesn’t have to expense to create a powerful brand! The use of color through out this campaign was the common theme. Being consistent and conscious of the use of logos, color, tag lines, key words, web sites, social media and more inexpensive methods to build a powerful brand.

We’ll keeping looking for more ideas on branding, marketing and more and share!












Social Media “Score Card”

One of the first goals of a successful social media campaign is to set goals. But actually before you set your goals, you need to know from where you are starting! To help companies and hotels determine the starting point The Lane Marketing Group has created the “Internet Footprint Score Card”. Not only do we rate your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc presence, but we alos look at your blog, your on-line reputation and your web site social media interface.  Contact us to get your score card started!




We posted our QR code for the Womens’ Wellness Weekend, April 26-28, 2103 at The Woodstock Inn & Resort last week and it was our most “re-pinned” pin!

Don’t Forget the Obvious in Email Marketing

Just this week we sent out an email campaign on behalf of one of our clients and had great success! In fact, it has been the most successful email marketing campaign we ever produced, primarily due to two main reasons:

1. We sent to a very target list! The client had sent out an initial email to a broad list, and had received very good results. The open rate was between 18-20%. Very respectable. We then a follow-up email to the “opens” which where close to 7, 000

2. Relavent Content! All of those people who had opened the initial email were interested in what the next email told them. We were giving them pertinent and relavent information about an event that they where interested in learning more about. The follow-up email was chock full of easily read content, as well as links to all aspects of the event they would need to make there decision to attend. Our open rate was an all time high of 58.9%!

Interested in improving your email marketing results? Please contact us at The Lane Marketing Group, 301-340-1700 or

Marketing For Trade Show Success! Planning, Producing and Profiting!

Last week I had the privilege to be a presenter at the MACE event put on by the Potomac Chapter of Meeting Professionals International. My topic was basically getting and calculating your Trade Show ROI. So here’s a summery of my presentation which might be helpful. Email me if you would like the worksheet as well!

Here’s the top 10 list!

Planning Producing Profiting –  a three stage process

10. Strategy – who is your audience?

Develop an actual “persona” of who you want to meet at the trade show.

9. What do you want to achieve? Quantify it!

How many contacts?
How many contracts?
How many room nights?

8.  Develop your message! What do you bring to the party?

What is your property’s overall message?
How do you relate this to the trade show?

7. Get the word out ahead of time!

Free – add it to your email signature with a link!
Almost free – send out an email message to your database.
Cost effective – direct mail, participation in co-op mailings & emails

6.Time to put on your game face – show some attitude.

Be open
Start the conversation

5. It is all about body language!

Booth set-up – no barriers
Sitting versus standing
Distractions – avoid!

4. Get the info – old school and new technology!

New technology – scan, etc.
Old technology – don’t forget to have a notebook, pad of paper or sign-up sheet.

3. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!

Never too early
Start before you leave – give your self a completion due date
More than once

2. Give yourself a deadline

Put it on the calendar – before you even go to the trade show!

1. Time to evaluate!

Complete your Return on Investment form and evaluate
Share your results with your team and your boss!

For more information contact:
Marjorie Lane
The Lane Marketing Group
Marketing·Public Relations·Events
Tel: 301-340-1700


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10 Easy Steps to Take Charge of Your On-Line Reputation!

So often I hear one of two stories. Either hoteliers are actually scared about their on-line reputation or they think they have it under control because they check TripAdvisor. There is so much more to both situations!

Monitoring and Managing your on-line reputation is not as difficult as it was initially. Actually with a new awareness of social media and the importance of user generated content and reviews, as well as some simple applications it is easier than ever to take charge of the situation! Here are some simple tips:

  1. Formalize the process! Set up a committee and pick a leader!
  2. Set goals – what are we trying to achieve here? Increase reviews? Increase rankings? Be specific.
  3. Schedule! Who’s going to actually handle the day to day tasks? Make this a seven day a week schedule and write it down.
  4. Get the buy-in from the Executive Committee and/or your corporate office. These reviews can directly affect individual reservations and group bookings, so everyone has a stake in the game.
  5. Respond to all reviews! Good, bad or neutral. Remember, the idea here is to build an engaging reputation as well as attract new and repeat customers. This also helps your Google rankings!
  6. Encourage guests to write reviews. TripAdvisor will even provide the sign-up cards! Create Advocates!
  7. Use the free stuff – there are lots of easy on-line tools, such as Google Analytics, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.
  8. Incorporate your social media. Tell guests about your Twitter and Facebook pages and ask them to participate. This way as they post about your property you have a real-time situation to welcome them, address any concerns and also tell them more about your property as well as events and specials. “Do you need a reservation for dinner tonight?”
  9. Optimize all your sites – make sure pictures and descriptions are up to date.
  10. Consider using an on-line reputation management tool – they are easy to use and very cost effective. It only takes one bad review to lose many potential reservations and revenue

The Lane Marketing Group has years of experience with On-Line Reputation Management for all different sizes of properties. Call or email us about setting up a program for you and your properties. From a basic audit, to building a strategy and monitoring a program, we have the level of service you need to be successful and be in control of your on-line reputation!